Fuji X100 設計師 Hiroshi Kawahara 專訪 (By quesabesde)

底下摘錄幾段,全文在此:INTERVIEW: Hiroshi Kawahara, Fujifilm,由 Hiroshi Kawahara Email 回覆該專訪詢答。


Why an APS-C sized sensor instead of one with smaller dimensions, like in the case of the Micro Four Thirds cameras, which would have enabled you to reduce the size of the camera?

為什麼不用 M4/3 之類較小尺寸的感光元件,而採用 APS-C 尺寸?

Although the size of the camera is not a fundamental aspect in this type of model, we designed the FinePix X100 under the concept "co-existence of compact size and high-quality". From the viewpoint of image quality, the APS-C system has a clear advantage over Micro Four Thirds (in particular, high sensitivity and low noise). Also, for obtaining a beautiful soft focus background "bokeh" effect, APS achieves beautiful result. For these reasons, we chose an APS-C sized sensor.-




It has been said that the sensor used is similar to that seen in some Nikon SLR cameras, and therefore manufactured by Sony. Can this information be confirmed?

聽說這顆感光元件是 Sony 做的?

The sensor of the FinePixX100 is customized to match its lens. We should point out that the most important thing is not who produces the technology but the technology in itself, and in this sense Fujifilm optimizes its technologies depending on the photographic result being pursued at any given time.

不說就是不說,強調誰生產的不重要,最重要的是 Fujifilm 為 Fuji X100 專門調校過的!(吉米按:奇怪,明講會怎樣?)



The X100 uses a lens equivalent to 35 mm f2. Will we see future versions of the camera with other focal lengths just like Sigma has done with its DP cameras?


The 35 mm lens is an ideal and standard focal length with versatility to capture a wide range of subjects from macro to wide angle shots. Before making any firm decision affecting our future models, we want to hear a lot of opinions from photographers.

會傾聽攝影者的意見再決定。(吉米按:挖掉挖掉,變成可以換鏡頭的 EVIL)

底下影片就是在 Photokina 2010,Hiroshi Kawahara 介紹 Fuji X100》


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