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K-Mount Adapter for Samsung NX10 的消息


不確定真假,沒有詳細規格,也沒有價格,有看到留接點的孔,或許可以支援 AF (希望啦!)。


另外關於 Leica M 鏡頭可否轉接到 Samsung NX10,答案是不行的,會卡到,至少無限遠無法對焦。

原音:”The quoted flange distance of the new NX mount is 25.5mm. The Leica M bayonet is 27.8mm. That sounds like good news, right? A whole 2.3mm to spare? Unfortunately, No. The tabs of the M bayonet extend behind the flange by almost 7mm, and are 43.5mm in diameter. Thus they would collide with the inner throat of the NX mount. Doesn’t look like an M-mount adapter is going to happen. (Or, not one that can focus at infinity, anyway).” From: petavoxel

後記於 2010/05:於 Samsung NX10 的產品頁中,有整個 NX10 System 的配件概覽圖,裡頭有出現 K Mount Lens 轉接環,我想,Samsung NX10 轉接 Pentax 鏡頭應該是沒問題的。


圖片來源:Samsung NX10 產品專頁


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