Dpreview 的 Sony 專訪,Masashi Imamura 談 Sony 的願景

Masashi Imamura'We really can change the world' says Masashi 'Tiger' Imamura, President of Personal Imaging & Sound Business Group in an exclusive interview with dpreview.com. The company will try to bring together all its technologies to produce a worthy successor to the A700, he told us in a talk that also touched on the future expansion of the NEX system and the company's position on 'full frame' models.

'After the merger [with Konica Minolta] our system was very similar to a traditional DSLR - very similar to Canon and Nikon. They have more heritage than us: traditional DSLRs are a mixture of optics, mechanics as well as electronics. We're coming from the AV industry so we have a lot of unique technologies we can put into our cameras. Now we have merged our resources into one place (Tokyo), we can bring our knowledge from Alpha, NEX, Cyber-Shot and camcorders.'

'There has been a lot of discussion about what an Alpha DSLR should be. We've been focusing for some time on utilizing our unique technologies. The translucent mirror is one and it performs very well. We want the A700 replacement to be in line with that kind of step forward, we want it to be superior to its competitors, that's why we couldn't make it sooner,' he said. But, he assured us, the results will be worth waiting for: 'With the A33 and 55 we tried to look at the problem and get rid of some of the old hassles - the A700 successor should be like that.'

Meanwhile, the NEX concept will expand in several directions, he said: 'The concept of the NEX 3 and 5 were for people who already have a compact stills camera and want to take a step up, but see a traditional DSLR as big, heavy and hard to use. We think these models are a very good fit to those customers. But also there are customers using NEX in addition to their DSLR, so we're planning to expand NEX in a more easy way, a lighter way, but we'll also expand to make models that have more manual control and more DSLR-like capability.'

Imamura repeated the enthusiasm he expressed at Photokina for the use of legacy lenses on the NEX system: 'with lens adapters, people can combine their valued, heritage lenses with a very advanced digital body. We didn't expect that kind of usage. There are lots of interesting things we can do for those types of customer.' The wait for these models may not be too long - at a formal dinner after our interview he told the assembled journalists that: 'the successors to the NEX-3 and NEX-5 are on the horizon.'

But the company's ambition doesn't end there, he said: 'As well as the easy-to-use and DSLR capabilities, we're also thinking about the camcorder style shooters and technologies. The NEX VG10 is one example of that. The barriers between compacts, DSLRs and camcorders will merge - not necessarily in a single device but with technologies and capabilities being shared between them. Our mission is to create new markets - we don't want to make the same products as everyone else and just cannibalise each other in the existing market.'

When asked about full-frame, he said Sony was still committed: 'When we started in DSLR we said that if we have DSLRs, a full-frame camera must be there. But we are working on a lot of products and there is a limit to our engineering capacity. The time will come when I can give more detail. When we announce a full-frame camera we want it to be a big step forward - another technological development might be needed so I say to people: Please stay tuned.'

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懶得翻了,只提幾個重點 (其實也沒什麼重點,空話比較多):

  1. NEX 系列的新機快出了。
  2. NEX 也會有重視手動控制以及擁有類 DSLR 性能的機種。
  3. A700 中階系列請慢慢等,不能做快的原因是因為他們要讓新機領先其他競爭者,但請相信等待是值得的。
  4. 全幅機種還是會有滴,但還不能說。
  5. Sony 創造新需求,新市場!我們真的可以改變世界。


首先,NEX-3 和 NEX-5 是針對自消費 DC 的升級者,而這些人討厭 DSLR 的巨大,但意外的發現有很大群人是買來當香爐機在玩;我必須說 Sony 鏡頭做得那麼慢,那麼(誤),那麼少,要不是 NEX E-Mount 有這樣子強大的轉接性,這東西就沒什麼可玩性了!

另外,A700 中階系列的新機出這麼慢,如果不比在此同時的各家高階 APS-C DSLR 強的話,那你 Sony 推出來是賣個屁啊?而且看起來 Sony 好像很想將新機做成 SLT 哦!所以應該要叫 A77,光學觀景窗死硬派又要哭了,不然除非就是搞個 Hybrid Viewfinder。


最後,Sony 一直在談相機,一直在讓相機做更多混搭的差異化,DSLR 小型化,MILC 中大型化,攝影機拍照,照相機攝影,然後藉此「騙到」需要其中某種需求的消費者。

與其這樣,為什麼不能有一家公司把相機訂製的客製化模組開出來,就像組裝電腦那樣,不是只有像手機換塑膠殼那樣,比方說有大中小三款機身,有二種規格的感光元件,反光鏡型態:有、無、折射…等等,然後就像跟 DELL 訂電腦那樣可以網路下單選規格。

以上純屬發夢,但最後的最後,我希望大家不要再把二手的 Minolta AF G 鏡價格一直炒高了!買不起… 都快跟 Sony ZA 新品一樣價格了,什麼鬼,是要逼我買 ZA 嗎?


  1. 還是期待 NEX 新機種能用類似 DSLR 的操控性,雖然不用像 Leica X1 那麼 hardcore,但至少能夠做到有獨立 ISO、白平衡、對焦等按鈕。這樣子轉接的可玩性就大增了。聽說 NEX-7 可能會是比較專業的機種,期待中⋯

  2. @瑋哥,期待 Sony 端一盤好菜...:D
    不過期待歸期待,不曉得這樣一來 NEX-7 價格要飛到哪去了..





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