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New55 Kickstarter 全球贊助成果!

New55 Project 的網站,貼出了感謝大家支持的圖片!


New55 Project Blog 則貼出了本次 Kickstarter 的集資成果!


5/10 Bob Crowley 發表的感謝文章中,這一段讓我很有 Fu!

New55  is an "open source" development program which means a lot of opportunity to share and engage the strengths of the post-digital movement, and the maker movement, each with their own skill sets and visions for the future. No need to repeat the past - we have the future to contend with, to make happen, and to enjoy.

Open Source!感謝全球兩千多人參與了這項計劃,希望夢想實現!

最後我們先來看一下 4x5 Instant Sheet Film 的操作情境,期待明年的 New55 吧!請問你準備好 545 Film Holder 了嗎?

(From: http://vod.fotolove.tw/watch/?v=HBvqPQn4he8)

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